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Jul 18

It is Classical Yoga
The training will present Yoga Therapy based on Yoga’s classical understanding of the Human body, in conjunction with traditional Vedic sciences like Ayurveda and Samkhya philosophy. Hence the depth of learning will be profound especially in trying to understand the tools of Yoga through subtle perspectives. This apart, consistent with the classical foundation of Yoga, each participant will also be mentored individually by a qualified mentor. Thus personal attention in the student’s learning will also form a key part of the training.

It is Holistic
Participants in this training program will learn the entire range of Yoga’s potent tools. This includes not just Asana-s, but also Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Mantra, Nyasa, Ahara (Nutrition), Vihara (Lifestyle) and other important tools of Yoga Therapy in a detailed and structured manner. Assistive handouts will be provided throughout the training so that it serves as an important aid in the learning process.

It is Immersive
The training will be a deep immersion for participants to not only learn in-depth the theoretical frameworks of the tools of Yoga Therapy, but also how to practically apply it to themselves and to their students through practicum and supervised teaching.

It is Useful
In today’s context, where it is increasingly becoming important for Yoga teachers to be careful when teaching Yoga classes even in group settings, trainees will find this program immensely useful to gain deep insights into how to offer modifications and adaptations that are safe and respectful to the needs of their students. Teaching will include how to observe limitations in students, which variations to offer, and how to offer them in an intelligent and interesting manner.

It is Transformational
The training will not only be an amazing opportunity to learn in depth tools of Yoga Therapy, but also to apply them practically for oneself in a profound process of self transformation. Guidance on self-observation tools will be continually provided as well as spiritual mentoring so that participants not only evolve themselves in a positive manner, but also bring out their best abilities as a future care provider.

It is International
You will be part of an amazing cosmopolitan set of participants coming from many countries and cultures and hence sharing experiences will be truly meaningful and diverse. The training is non-dogmatic and is open to all those who are sincerely interested in the discipline of Yoga Therapy. There is no discrimination made of any kind, as long as all participants are emotionally stable and deeply committed to the learning process.

It is Fun
The KHYF Yoga Therapy Training is absolutely awesome. You will learn in a friendly and joyful environment that makes the educational process enjoyable and fulfilling. An ambience of openness and positivity will be created to welcome all trainees so that the learning is as much fun, as it is profound.


To be part of our awesome KHYF Yoga Therapy Training 2018 – 2020, beginning in September 2018 in Germany, kindly click here – www.khyf.net/programs/training/1000-hours-viniyoga/