CHENNAI | INDIA | 2021 – 2022

Our Vedic Chant Teacher training program has become as popular all over the world as it offers people a chance to learn and become teachers of Vedic chanting. The KHYF is one of the few organisations to offer this certification, and has conducted this program in many countries in the world.

Following the holistic teachings of T Krishnamacharya, KHYF has designed the practice of this ancient Viniyoga tradition into a well structured course of study. The method of teaching is traditional, where chants are taught orally to students.

This inspirational training will:

  • Provide an insight into the origin and evolution of the Veda-s and their content and scope.
  • Present Vedic chanting as a powerful tradition that is as relevant in the 21st Century as it was a thousand years ago.
  • Help students practice Vedic chanting keeping in line with the rules and pedagogy of chanting.
  • Help students experience Vedic chanting as an important tool in the process of meditation.
  • Offer an understanding of the application of Vedic chanting for health and healing.
  • Help improve memory and enhance capacity of listening.

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The KHYF’s Vedic Chant Teacher’ training will begin in January 2021.
The proposed four modules is as follows:

* Dates for 2022 modules will be confirmed by the end of the first module in 2021.

Students Talk:

I registered for the 4-years Yoga Therapy Training from KHYF with Sri TKV Desikachar and Dr. Kausthub Desikachar. Although it was a big challenge, it was one of the best decisions I made in my life. Diving into the aspects of Yoga in a deep and subtle way gave me great confidence for my own teaching. This I felt especially in the one-to-one classes during the training and the internship in India.

I can highly recommend the profound Yoga Therapy Training from KHYF with Dr. Kausthub Desikachar. The teachings come from the source and are rooted in an ancient tradition in the lineage of great Yogacaryas.

I am deeply grateful that I had this opportunity.

At the end of this journey, that could be written down as a fairytale with all the witches and fairies, seen and unseen, material and spiritual i know who and what i am not. Exploring the new found freedom within me is at the beginning stages, taking first steps. I have appreciated all the different teachers during this course. All of them have been specialists on their field, be it theoretical or practical yoga therapy, chanting, practice classes, ayurveda,psychology, anatomy etc.

At the end i am very grateful to Kausthub who never gave up on me, who did not allow me to become dependent on him, who forced me to take full responsibility of my life, so i could become free.

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