YOGA FOR YOUTH A POST GRADUATE TRAINING for yoga teachers, school teachers, social workers & child educators | Belgium | 2018 – 2019

This program will offer an in-depth training on the topic of Yoga for Youth. It is most suited for Yoga Teachers, Child Educators, School Teachers, Social Workers and anyone who is interested in the holisitic and spiritual education and development of children and youth. By undergoing this intense training, participants will learn about how Yoga views the holistic development of a child right from its conception, till it reaches adulthood and what tools, techniques and attitudes will be needed at each stage to support a positive and nurturing evolution. Training on how these tools also can be implemented in a practical and joyful manner will also form a core part of the training.

This exhaustive training will:

• Present the most important principles of Yoga as a self-empowering, holistic and complementary system of health
• Provide comprehensive training in the understanding and application Yogic tools for children and young adults
• Help understand the psycho-spiritual evolution of a child into adulthood and what factors can in uence and support this in a positive and nurturing manner
Understand the Yogic Anatomy (Nāḍi-s, Cakra-s etc.) and how they relate to a child’s evolution and functioning
Learn indepth, the tools of Yoga appropriate to each stage of a child’s evolution
• Educate on professional and ethical standards under which Yoga must be taught to children.

The main faculty for the program will be Dr. Kausthub Desikachar, and ably assisted by his long term students Philip Rigo and Candice Mangon.

This first Europe batch of the Yoga for Youth training will begin in the summer of 2018. The following are the approximate dates of the training modules.