Viniyoga® Practice for Nourishment and Protection

By admin | Yoga Therapy

Mar 21

A number of people have been requesting us to share a practice that can help them cope with the anxiety and fear surrounding the COVID-19 situation. Here is a simple Viniyoga® practice that can be practised by all that is focused on nourishment and protection to face this challenging time.

This practice has been designed by Dr. Kausthub Desikchar and is offered with love to anyone willing to receive it. You can also share this with any of your students, family or friends who you think will benefit from such a practice.

We also call on all Vinyioga® teachers to come together to share this practice with anyone who will benefit from it, or assist those who seek out help to clarify or gain instructions to practice it correctly.

Practice gently and slowly according to your ability. Coordinate all movements with smooth breathing as indicated. If you have any medical conditions or are new to Viniyoga®, kindly consult your Yoga Teacher for any modifications to make it more suitable.

Practice with love and light in your heart.

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